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[4.11.1999 - 10.11.2014]
Naruto: an infographic; 

I’m going to miss this series. It’s great - and was my gateway into anime. I will Always love Naruto.
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This is my favorite scene in all of television. This boy and this girl can’t stand each other. They fight every day. They tease and mock each other for all hours. And yet they care so much for each other that when one is hurting, the other is always there, and to me that’s a perfect relationship. Even though they fight, they still care.

I have feels, don’t touch me

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10 great official Kill la Kill (キルラキル) illustrations from the past year of Newtype Magazine. Amazing to think it’s already been a year! Click on each image to learn the illustrator or check out the Kill la Kill Official Guide Book Kamui Banshou (Amazon USJP) for these art works and more!

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